Midnight Blue Stone Pool Coping Arris (Bevel Edge)


Prices & Sizes Available


Tiles 600x300x15mm $49.50m2
Pavers 600x300x30mm $73.70m2
Pavers 500x500x20mm $59.40m2
Pavers 500x500x30mm $75.90m2
800x400x20mm $59.40m2
800x400x30mm $75.90m2
Crazy Paving 20mm-22mm $49.50m2
Bullnose or Aris 600x300x30mm $22ea
Bullnose or Aris 800x400x30mm $33ea
L shape drop down  600x400x40/20 $29.70ea
L shape drop down  800x400x40/20 $39.60ea

About Midnight Blue Stone

Midnight Blue Stone Pool Coping or Step Treads. Available in a non slip natural leathered surface look with a bevel or bullnosed edge. This is the darkest tile or paver in our BLUE STONE SERIES.  Over time it can lighten off slightly to a mid grey. To clean the tile prior to sealing if desired, simply pressure wash the stone as it SHOULD NEVER be acid washed!

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