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What is the cost or price of bluestone pavers and tiles here in Australia?

Bluestone pavers

Generally speaking here in Australia there are 2 grades of bluestone:
HARKAWAY BLUESTONE MORE INFORMATION – A premier bluestone where the natural bluestone boulders are selected to meet Australia’s acknowledged industry standards for FIRST quality bluestone in cut, density, porosity and catpaw air holes ( less than 10% of surfface area).
CHINA BLUE BLUESTONE MORE INFORMATION – An inferior bluestone with far less quality restraints and VERY common in the Australian market place ( often sold and marketed by unscrupulous Chinese traders and concrete paver merchants who have now decided to try to sell natural stone pavers). Far more porous and prone to oxidisation when used externally and around 20-30% catpaw air holes.
Prices $$$$$$ ;
Generally speaking CHINA BLUE BLUESTONE can be purchased from around $34m2 ( 600x300x10mm) up to $49m2 ( 1000x500x20mm) WHILST Harkaway Bluestone starts at around $37m2 ( 600x300x10mm) up to around $59m2 (1000x500x20mm)