Crazy Paving

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Get a custom unique look with crazy paving! Fun and easy to lay, blue stone crazy paving is a great way to add warmth and character to your outdoor or indoor space. What is Crazy Paving? Crazy Paving (a.k.a. Flagstone or Flagging) is a type of paving where each piece is irregular in shape and size. Crazy paving is a sustainable paving style created from quarry wastage which has cracks and other imperfections in it. As a result, these stone pieces can't be used for dimensional tiles and pavers. Crazy paving looks sensational in a myriad of applications such as: driveway tiles, garden paths, alfresco paving, pool pavers and even stone wall cladding and indoor tiles. You can use different coloured grouts, only use certain sized pieces, lay the pieces closer together or further apart for completely different tiling looks. You can also use an enhancing tile sealer on the crazy paving for a more enhanced deeper colour. Many of our customers enjoy the versatility and ease of use of crazy paving to create their own striking crazy paving feature.
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