Natural Bluestone Crazy Paving

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Sizes & Prices


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About Australian Bluestone Crazy Paving

About Australian Bluestone Crazy Paving

About Natural Bluestone Crazy Paving

For an affordable and stylish design statement, crazy paving is a great paving solution! Made from our genuine Bluestone boulders with have been sliced then chipped to eradicate any brown edges– this crazy paving style is sure to impress!

Note: There are NO sawn straight edges in this type of bluestone crazy paving..It is our PREMIUM BLUESTONE CRAZY PAVING


What is Crazy Paving?

Crazy Paving (a.k.a. Flagstone or Flagging), is a type of paving where each piece is irregular in shape and size. Crazy paving is created from quarry wastage which has cracks and other imperfections in it. As a result, these stone pieces can’t be used for uniform cut tiles and pavers. Therefore, crazy paving has a unique and playful look that defies typical tile conventions.

You can grout the pieces closer together or further apart for different looks. You can also use an enhancing tile sealer on the crazy paving for a more enhanced deeper colour.

Crazy paving is also popular due to it’s versatility. This means you can use crazy paving on floors, walls, cladding, garden paths, driveway tiles, feature walls, pool pavers and more! The possibilities are almost limitless!

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