Why use the Bluestone Pavers Showroom?


Detailed Product Information

With our Travertine Tiles Showroom, you’ll discover detailed product information about products, with the click of a button.

Heading – The heading provides you with the product name and the product surface. This means you know exactly how to reference it to us in future conversations.

Description – Inside each product, there’s a short product description providing you an outline of the product.

Video – On many of our products, we have included a short video with product pictures so you can see the appearance.

Link – At the bottom of each product there is a link to the product page.


Realistic Portrayal of Products

The Bluestone Pavers Warehouse Showroom is a completely new form of immersive 3D media. We invite you to explore our showroom as if you’re really here, from your phone, tablet or computer.

We have endeavoured to make our displays as accurate as possible. This is to ensure that you can receive a realistic representation of the stone you’re looking at. If you’re still not entirely certain, we can arrange to send you a sample, free of charge. Simply fill out the sample request below.


Share and Experience Anywhere

Perfect not only for those who are interstate and can’t visit the physical showroom, but also for those tilers and landscapers also.

If you live interstate, we understand it can be daunting purchasing a product you haven’t yet seen. You are the main reason we invested in the Bluestone Tiles Showroom online display. You can now receive the same experience as those who visit the store, being able to see the displays and options all in one space.

Another benefit is for the tilers and landscapes whose clients are looking for Bluestones Tiles or Pavers, but they’re not 100% certain which product they’re after. This showroom is able to be shared and viewed anywhere, whether you are with the client, so emailing them. We hope it is of great help for you.