Harkaway Bluestone Pool Coping Drop Down (Rebate)

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About Harkaway Bluestone Pool Coping Drop Down (Rebate)

About Harkaway Bluestone Pool Coping Drop Down (Rebate)

  • 100% Natural Harkaway Bluestone
  • Safe Non Slip Surface

Harkaway Bluestone now comes in matching rebate pool coping tiles! Create a sophisticated pool look with the rich natural charcoal hues of Harkaway Bluestone pool coping. The cool undertones in the stone will complement the cool blue water of your pool which will make it look elegant and inviting.

Rebate pool coping is a great way to achieve clean, sleek pool lines. This is because the pool coping “drops” down at a right angle off the edge of your pool. Additionally, you will conceal the pool adhesive line that connects with the edge of your pool for a minimalist clean pool design. Note: There will be naturally occurring Cat’s Paw featured on each paver, varying from none to 10% of each individual pavers surface area. Cat’s Paw is a series of small pits which is naturally formed in bluestone. Many architects and designers purposefully seek out as much cat’s paw as possible as it is commonly perceived as a natural feature that people like to show off. However, if you’d like your bluestone completely without cat’s paw, we can arrange to get them sawn out for an additional cost.

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