European Pool Coping Drop Down (Rebate)

European Bluestone Pool Coping- When ONLY THE BEST WILL DO!
Yes – it really is from Europe
Yes – We know it looks like Australian Bluestone
SICK of poor quality Chinese Bluestone ?
European Bluestone has colour consistency, supply consistency

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Bluestone Tiles

400x400x12mm $47m2
600x300x12mm $43m2
800x400x12mm $50m2

Bluestone Pavers

400x400x20mm $64m2
600x300x20mm $63m2
500x500x20mm $64m2
800x400x20mm $64m2
1000x500x20mm $70m2
400x400x30mm $90m2
600x300x30mm $89m2
500x500x30mm $92m2
800x400x30mm $92m2
1000x500x30mm $95m2

Pool Coping / Step Treads

L shape drop down  600x350x50/20 $27.50 ea
L shape drop down  600x350x80/20 $44.00 ea
L shape drop down  800x350x50/20 $39.60 ea
L shape drop down  800x350x80/20 $59.40 ea
L shape drop down  500x500x50/20 $36.30 ea
L shape drop down  1000x350x50/20 $53.90 ea
L shape drop down  1000x350x80/20 $75.90 ea
L shape drop down  1000x500x50/20 $75.90 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 400x400x20 $18.70 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 400x400x30 $19.80 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 600x300x20 $20.90 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 600x300x30 $22.00 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 500x500x20 $26.40 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 500x500x30 $28.20 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 800x400x20 $29.20 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 800x400x30 $31.90 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 1000x500x20 $46.20 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 1000x500x30 $49.50 ea

Visit our suppliers site for more info EUROPEAN BLUESTONE QUARRIES

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Get A Quick Quote

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About European Bluestone

About European Bluestone

European Bluestone Tiles & Pavers are internationally renown for being a high quality selection of Bluestone. It is the most similar Bluestone/Basalt in colour and quality to Australian Bluestone on the Australian market. With a higher density and texture with a sawn surface finish achieving a higher non slip level. This is a mid grey coloured bluestone and looks great when grouted with a light grey/neutral coloured grout BUT for those of you seeking a darker shade ie charcoal grey we recommend grouting with our charcoal grey stone grout. You can see the effect of the 2 different grouts in one of the pictures above. Sourcing Exclusively from European Bluestone Quarries

The exclusive European Bluestone Pavers & Tiles are now available at Bluestone Warehouse! These premium grade bluestone tiles have a safe and luxurious sawn non slip finish. These bluestone tiles have rich natural charcoal tones with a blue undertone. As a result, this bluestone complements almost any interior or outdoor style. European Bluestone is extremely durable and has a safe non slip surface.

bluestone pavers heat resistantbluestone-tiles-safe-non-slip-pavers

European Bluestone Pavers & Tiles are suitable for:

bluestone tiles drive way pavers melbourne concrete pavingfireplace cladding wall tiles stone pavingpool pavers melbourne paving sydney pools

Note: European Bluestone like Australian bluestone will have occasional light saw marks and will have naturally occuring organic catspaw (covering between 5%-25% of any tiles surface). However, if you’d like your bluestone completely without cat’s paw, we can arrange to get them taken out for an additional cost.(approx 40% extra cost) NB. This material without catspaw will be lighter in colour. We do not recommend acid washing ANY natural stone as it can lead to surface burns and discoloration where the acid has reacted adversely with minerals present in the stone.. Cat’s Paw is a series of small pits which are naturally formed in bluestone as it solidifies when forming. Many architects and designers purposefully seek out as much cat’s paw as possible as it is commonly perceived as a natural feature that people like to show off.

Cats paw bluestone pavers cheap tiles melbourne
European Bluestone with Cats Paw grouted in Bluestone Charcoal sanded grout (an aesthetic feature in that appears in natural bluestone/basalt)

Alternatively, we also stock products such as Midnight Bluestone & Blue River Bluestone which have absolutely no cat’s paw in the tiles. Cat’s paw does not negatively effect the durability or quality of the bluestone. It is a natural occurrence in bluestone which people have an aesthetic preference to that makes bluestone recognisable. If you need advice or would like some ideas, feel free to contact us. Visit our suppliers site for more info EUROPEAN BLUESTONE QUARRIES

Sealing & Maintenance

Sealing & Maintenance

Sealing Bluestone Pool Coping or Pool Paving

Bluestone tiles and pavers can be sealed as a peace of mind to ensure bluestone stays in pristine condition. It’s highly recommended particularly in areas where there may be high spillage to protect the lustre of the bluestone tiles and pavers. If you choose not to seal your tiles, make sure you clean up spills immediately to avoid staining the tiles. Use only a penetrating invisible type sealer (no colour change) similar to Tasman Chemicals STONE SHIELD and ALWAYS follow the sealer manufacturers instructions when applying. We stock a FULL range of suitable sealers.


Do not use Hydrochloric acid for clean up as this can cause minerals present in the stone to react adversely.To clean prior to sealing simply pressure wash the stone and ensure nozzle is never closer than 300mm to the surface of the stone.


Just sweep when needed. Bluestone responds well to high pressure cleaning with a domestic machine, please keep the nozzle about 300mm minimum away from face of the bluestone pavers and tiles. A solution of mild detergent and water can be applied prior to pressure cleaning.

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