Fine Honed Bluestone Tiles 12 Harkaway Bluestone Fine Honed Bluestone Tiles 600x300x10mm

This fine Honed Harkaway Bluestone tile is for internal use only. Its ideal for those wanting a charcoal floor or wall tile in natural stone. Being Fine Honed, the natural Bluestone Catpaw is selected out of this material BUT you will of course still get colour and shade variations on each individual tile. We stock this tile in 600x300x10mm, but of course we can supply any size tile that you want given volume and time. These tiles vary by approx +-2mm so we recommend installing in adhesive with a 12mm notch trowel to ensure no lipiness occurs with a 6mm grout joint minimum. Occassionally thru handling you will put a scratch along the edge of a tile, these can be utilized for cutting or simply layed up against the wall. They will also generally disappear once sealed with a penetrating colour enhancing sealer such as TASMAN’s ENHANCE STONE SEALER(Do not use a invisible sealer as it will not hide any surface scratches). Currently priced at only $69m2 inc GST!

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Polished Bluestone Floor and Wall Tiles
Polished Bluestone Floor and Wall Tiles
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