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Bluestone Tiles

400x400x15mm $39m2
600x300x15mm $39m2
800x400x15mm $42m2

Bluestone Pavers

400x400x20mm $46m2
600x300x20mm $47m2
500x500x20mm $48m2
800x400x20mm $48m2
1000x500x20mm $54m2
400x400x30mm $56m2
600x300x30mm $62m2
500x500x30mm $63m2
800x400x30mm $63m2
1000x500x30mm $69m2

Pool Coping / Step Treads

L shape drop down  600x350x50/20 $27.50 ea
L shape drop down  600x350x80/20 $44.00 ea
L shape drop down  800x350x50/20 $39.60 ea
L shape drop down  800x350x80/20 $57.20 ea
L shape drop down  500x350x50/20 $36.30 ea
L shape drop down  1000x350x50/20 $53.90 ea
L shape drop down  1000x350x80/20 $72.60 ea
L shape drop down  1000x500x50/20 $63.80 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 400x400x20 $12.10 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 400x400x30 $15.40 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 600x300x20 $15.40 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 600x300x30 $19.80 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 500x500x20 $19.80 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 500x500x30 $25.30 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 800x400x20 $24.20 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 800x400x30 $29.70 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 1000x500x20 $36.30 ea
Bullnose / Bevel Edge 1000x500x30 $45.10 ea


About Chinese Bluestone Tiles & Pavers


If you’re after the bluestone look at a very cheap price, choose our Chinese Bluestone tiles and pavers.

This is the standard quality typically found Australia wide. There is likely to be about 0-20% max of the surface of the tile to contain Cat’s paw in your order. Additionally, this Chinese bluestone will have more colour and texture variation in the tiles. Great if you want to great a bluestone look with lots of natural character. Chinese China Blue Bluestone Tiles & Pavers are internationally renown for being a great value for money paver. It is the most similar Bluestone/Basalt in colour and quality to Australian Bluestone on the Australian market. With a higher density and texture with a sawn surface finish achieving a higher non slip level. This is a mid grey coloured bluestone and looks great when grouted with a light grey/neutral coloured grout BUT for those of you seeking a darker shade ie charcoal grey we recommend grouting with our charcoal grey stone grout. You can see the effect of the 2 different grouts in one of the pictures above. It is to be expected in European Bluestone to get a dimensional or thickness variation of +-3mm.

This is our most budget range of bluestone pavers and tiles. However, if you’d like a more premium bluestone pavers, we recommend Harkaway Bluestone Pavers & Tiles

bluestone-tiles-safe-non-slip-pavers bluestone pavers heat resistant


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Chinese Bluestone Tiles & Pavers (Standard Melbourne Grade)

Chinese Bluestone Tiles & Pavers are a cheap and cheerful way to add character to your paving.

What Customers Are Saying...

"Being in a small country town in WA, I was sceptical with ordering my bluestone paving. Howver the amazing customer service and free sample helped me make the best decision to choose you guys. Couldn't be happier with my pavers!"

Carl Bodrick

"The best bluestone tiles ive ever seen. Looks great in our driveway"

Dianne Azzopardi

"I've searched all over Melbourne for good quality Bluestone tiles and pavers for my clients. Luckily I stumbled across Bluestone Tiles Warehouse. Great range of products with very competitive prices."

Alec Howes

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