European Bluestone Pavers & Tiles

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About European Bluestone

About European Bluestone

European Bluestone Tiles & Pavers are internationally renown for being a high quality selection of Bluestone. It is the most similar in colour and form to Australian Bluestone with a higher density.

Sourcing Exclusively from European Bluestone Quarries

Sizes & Prices

Sizes & Prices


400x400x20mm $39m2
400x400x30mm $52m2
600x300x12mm $39m2
600x300x20mm $44m2
600x300x30mm $56m2
500x500x20mm $46m2
500x500x30mm $59m2
800x400x20mm $46m2
800x400x30mm $59m2
1000x500x30mm $69m2
Sealing & Maintenance

Sealing & Maintenance

Sealing Bluestone

Bluestone tiles and pavers can be sealed as a peace of mind to ensure bluestone stays in pristine condition. It’s highly recommended particularly in areas where there may be high spillage to protect the lustre of the bluestone tiles and pavers.

If you choose not to seal your tiles, make sure you clean up spills immediately to avoid staining the tiles.

Additionally, some customers use tile sealer as a way to enhance the colour of the tiles. These, as well as invisible tile sealers are also available for purchase at Bluestone Warehouse.



Do not use Hydrochloric acid for clean up as this can cause minerals present in the stone to react adversely.


Just sweep when needed. Bluestone responds well to high pressure cleaning with a domestic machine, please keep the nozzle about 300mm minimum away from face of the bluestone pavers and tiles. A solution of mild detergent and water can be applied prior to pressure cleaning.



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"The best basalt tiles ive ever seen. Looks great in our driveway"

Enzo Luccia

These pavers are bloody AWESOME! Looks great in our yard. Thanks guys!

Brendon Andrews

Both my clients and I are impressed with the quality and affordability of your bluestone paving.

Kyle Nguyen