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About Harkaway Bluestone® Suregrip Tiles & Pavers

Enhancing Safety: Sandblasted Bluestone’s Non-Slip Superiority

When it comes to creating safe and slip-resistant surfaces, sandblasted bluestone stands as the gold standard, especially in settings like swimming pool areas or any place where the risk of slipping is a paramount concern. This is not merely a matter of opinion; it’s a matter of cold, hard numbers and technical ratings.

Impressive Technical Ratings:

The numbers speak volumes, with sandblasted bluestone achieving a remarkable R rating of 12. This R rating reflects the material’s exceptional resistance to slipping, making it a prime choice for applications where safety is a non-negotiable priority. But it doesn’t stop there; the wet pendulum rating for sandblasted bluestone is an outstanding P5 (60), underlining its reliability in wet conditions.

Runner-Up Champions: Sawn and Lightly Honed Bluestone

While sandblasted bluestone takes the lead in the safety race, its counterparts, sawn bluestone and lightly honed bluestone, are certainly no slouches. Sawn bluestone boasts an R rating of 11, meaning it’s highly slip-resistant as well. Its wet pendulum rating stands strong at P5 (56), offering substantial support in potentially wet surroundings.

Lightly honed bluestone follows closely with an R rating of 11, providing an equally sturdy defence against slipperiness. Its wet pendulum rating of P5 (55) further solidifies its reliability in wet conditions.

Versatile Safety Solutions: All Varieties Fit the Bill

Here’s the good news: all three varieties of bluestone – sandblasted, sawn, and lightly honed – are not only acceptable but also excellent choices for both commercial and domestic use. Whether you’re designing an elegant residential pool area or a bustling public space, these bluestone options ensure safety without compromising on style or functionality.

In summary, sandblasted bluestone’s impressive non-slip credentials, with its R rating of 12 and wet pendulum rating of P5 (60), make it the top choice for areas where slipperiness is a concern. However, sawn bluestone and lightly honed bluestone, with their notable ratings, are formidable contenders in their own right. All three varieties offer reliable slip resistance, rendering them suitable for a wide array of applications, be it around swimming pools or any place where safety is a top priority. Choose bluestone, and elevate both the aesthetic and safety quotient of your space.

We deliver bluestone pavers, tiles and pool coping door to door to all suburbs in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart. We also deliver to any regional area in Australia at reasonable freight rates.

If you need advice or would like some ideas, feel free to contact us.

Premium Grade V Standard Grade

Here we will discuss the different characteristics of these two distinct bluestone categorizations.

Generally speaking, Standard Grade Bluestone will have the following characteristics:

  • A higher percentage of tiles or pavers containing naturally occurring catspaw, between 3-15% of the surface of the tile.
  • Cutting tolerances during the process of slicing the bluestone boulders up into tiles or pavers. In this case, a variation or tolerance allowance of +-3mm is to be expected. This leads to the occasional tile or paver being slightly out of square and is the reason why we recommend laying ONLY in a brick bond or stretcher bond pattern (which may fix these issues). If laying in adhesive, we recommend using a 6mm notch trowel to spread the adhesive BOTH on the slab and on the entire back of every tile or paver in a cross thatched pattern.
  • In some rare instances where some Ferro particles may be in the catspaw, it should be noted that these can be hidden during the grouting process.
  • The non-slip rating is HIGHER due to the sawn surface finish during the cutting process.

Premium Harkaway Bluestone comparison:

  • Less naturally occurring catspaw, usually around 0-5% of any tile or pavers surface.
  • Variation or tolerance allowance of +-1.5mm is to be expected.
  • Naturally occurring light surface pattern and colour variations may be present compared to standard grade.
  • Surface finish is lightly honed, giving a slightly smoother finish, however, is still classified as a non-slip surface

Installation, Sealing & Maintenance Guide


Please use one of the following adhesives IF installing in adhesive is preferred…..

If you prefer to install your pavers in traditional sand and cement style follow these instructions to the letter:

– Select one of the adhesives above (they ALL have a rapid setting time) and simply mix as per manufactures specifications then notch the adhesive onto the back of EVERY tile (ensuring 100% coverage).
– Let the adhesive set, usually around 3-4 hrs and then install the tiles as per your usual technique into the wet sand and cement mix.
– This system minimises the risk of any of the tiles warping slightly due to being moisture sensitive.
– GROUTING should ONLY occur IF the tiles have been completely dry for at least 4 days in a row.
– IT IS NOT acceptable to blow the water out of the joints and then grout as you WILL have effluence issues, possibly warping issues, picture framing due to trapped excessive moisture.
– You must of course follow the Australian Tiling Standards in regard to incorporating expansion joints into your tiling. Failure to do so WILL lead to drummy and lifting tiles.


Only recommended around BBQ areas or when the blue stone tiles are installed as internal floor tiles. Bluestone pavers and tiles can be sealed with an invisible penetrating sealer to assist in the easy ongoing clean up of the stone pavers OR a colour enhancing penetrating sealer. These are also available at Stone & Slate Discounts.


Do not use Hydrochloric acid for clean up as this can cause minerals present in the stone to react adversely.


Just sweep when needed. Bluestone responds well to high-pressure cleaning with a domestic machine, please keep the nozzle about 300mm minimum away from face of the bluestone pavers and tiles. A solution of mild detergent and water can be applied prior to pressure cleaning.

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