What is Cat’s Paw in Bluestone?

Cat's paw bluestone pavers tiles cheap paving tiling
Bluestone tiles cheap pavers cat's paw

Cat’s paw in bluestone (basalt) are a series of pits that are formed naturally in the stone…

In bluestone, it develops from the heat and gas from volcanoes when its formed. These group of holes are named due to their typical shape that looks like a cat’s paw.

Many architects and designers purposefully seek out cat’s paw. It is commonly seen as a decorative design feature and many people may choose to clearly show off that their tiles and pavers are pure.

Also, you can notice it used as paving throughout he Melbourne CBD.

When there’s cat’s paw scattered in the tiles it can create a striking textured surface with tonnes of character.

Bluestone tiles and pavers without it have a minimalist, understated look. Many customers prefer this too depending on the style of their renovation.

Our customers typically either love it or hate it. It’s completely personal preference and purely a bluestone aesthetic.

Whether you choose to have it or not, it doesn’t affect the quality of durability of the bluestone. It’s purely a natural feature of the stone.

In our Harkaway Bluestone Tiles & Pavers, about 20% of your order will have cat’s paw in it. However, for an additional cost, we can saw them out for you if you wish.

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Harkaway Bluestone Tiles & Pavers have about 20%

Whether you choose to have it or not, bluestone make luxurious stone tiles and pavers. As with all natural stone, no two pieces are ever the same.

Bluestone with cat's paw


Bluestone without cat's paw

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