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All the FAQ’s on Bluestone Crazy Paving

All the FAQ’s on Bluestone Crazy Paving Bluestone Crazy Paving offers a stunning and sophisticated choice for enhancing outdoor spaces with its timeless elegance and versatility. Available in a range of captivating color hues, including Australian Bluestone, European Bluestone, and premium Harkaway Bluestone, allowing for personalized landscape designs. Australian Bluestone showcases light bluey grey tones […]

Here’s an easy-to-understand article in bullet point format on “How to Lay Bluestone Pavers”:

bluestone french pattern as entryway with stepping stones

Here’s an easy-to-understand article in bullet point format on “How to Lay Stone Pavers”: Before starting the installation process, gather all the necessary tools and materials, including bluestone pavers, sand, gravel, a compactor, a shovel, a level, and safety gear such as gloves and goggles. Prepare the area where you will lay the pavers by […]

Lets compare Chinese, Australian and European Bluestone Pavers

Harkaway bluestone as pool pavers.

Hey there! Let’s talk about Chinese, Australian, and European Bluestone Pavers. They’re all natural stone pavers that you can use for outdoor construction and landscaping projects here in Melbourne. Here are some things you should know about each of them: Chinese Bluestone Pavers: They come from China and are usually a little cheaper than European […]

Permeable Bluestone Pavers Benefits Explained

Rectangular stepping stones in an outdoor area.

Permeable bluestone pavers have several benefits including: Stormwater management: Permeable pavers allow water to seep through them, reducing the amount of runoff and helping to prevent flooding and erosion. Recharge of groundwater: Permeable pavers allow water to penetrate the soil, recharging the groundwater and improving the health of nearby plants and trees. Improved air quality: […]

Tips to install European Bluestone Pavers

European Bluestone Pavers

Tips to install European Bluestone Pavers Bluestone pavers are known for their classic aesthetic and are available in all forms of sizes and shapes. Out of all the bluestone paving options available out there, European Bluestone Pavers are known to have a charm of their own. They are highly durable and non-slippery while providing the […]

Why European Bluestone is better than Chinese Bluestone

paving with european bluestone pavers and tiles in Chinese basalt

Why European Bluestone is better than Chinese Bluestone European bluestone is one of the most reliable types of bluestone paving stone. However, the standard bluestone with most stone paver retailers is to stock Chinese Bluestone. Whilst Chinese Bluestone may be adequate enough for a simple job, there are many benefits to choosing European Bluestone over […]

What’s Better Around A Swimming Pool – Bluestone Or Concrete?

To decide whether bluestone or concrete is better around your pool, there’s a few things you need to consider… 1. HEAT TOLERANCE – Which one is cooler underfoot in Summer? Extensive tests have been carried out over time in the hot and humid conditions of FNQ to get the definitive answer to this question. With […]

Is Bluestone Slippery When Wet?

Black Pavers Adelaide Midnight Bluestone Pavers

Due to its lightly sawn surface, bluestone from Bluestone Warehouse is not slippery when wet… Unlike other tiling materials such as slate or concrete, bluestone has a very high non-slip rating. This is one of the reasons why bluestone was chosen for paving the Melbourne CBD. You can be confident to lay bluestone tiles and pavers […]

What is Cat’s Paw in Bluestone?

Cat's paw bluestone pavers tiles cheap paving tiling

In our Harkaway Bluestone Tiles & Pavers, about 20% of your order will have cat’s paw in it. However, for an additional cost, we can saw them out for you if you wish. Whether you choose to have it or not, bluestone make luxurious stone tiles and pavers. As with all natural stone, no two […]

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