Tips to install European Bluestone Pavers

Tips to install European Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone pavers are known for their classic aesthetic and are available in all forms of sizes and shapes. Out of all the bluestone paving options available out there, European Bluestone Pavers are known to have a charm of their own. They are highly durable and non-slippery while providing the desired outdoor look that you want for your property. Whether you are designing a new pool, patio, driveway or revamping the existing outdoor pavers, it is recommended to know about the right installation tips for European bluestone pavers.

European Bluestone Pavers

Whether you wish to go for an even, well-distributed pattern or a rustic appearance featuring irregularly-shaped bluestone pavers scattered here & there, you can opt for top-quality European bluestone pavers for optimum results. During installation of the tiles or pavers, it is recommended that you should not aim at implementing the project on your own. For the best results, it is advisable that you should seek professional advice.

When you go for installing European bluestone pavers in your property, here are some of the basic installation tips that you should be aware of:

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Tip 1. Get an Overview of the Project

Based on the specific requirements of the landscaping project, you should analyze the overall scope of the project. Analyse the given area that requires the installation of European bluestone pavers – including patio, driveways, pathways, swimming pool decks, and so more. Depending on the existing requirements of the landscape, you can decide upon the size, shape, and pattern of the European bluestone pavers that you choose for the area.

After going through the shape and size of the patio or other outdoor area, you can decide the arrangement of the placement of the pavers. Ensure that you hire the best installation team to get the area dug properly while creating the base layer for the installation of the bluestone pavers. Aim for positioning and leveling the stones and then, filling the joints.

Tip 2. Create the Entire Layout

Whether you are building the patio, swimming pool pavers or driveways with the help of European bluestone pavers, you can consider using either rectangular slabs or broken, irregular pieces. It is important to ensure that the stones are laid out properly during installation to enhance the overall aesthetics of the area. When you are using the random patterns, you may required to slice some tiles for filling in the blank spaces.

The professionals are known to make use of a garden hose or a rope for outlining the overall shape of the given area. Starting from one edge, you can commence by placing the largest stone or paver across the area. Allow the smaller pavers to fit in between. It is recommended to leave the joints to around 1-2 inches.

For cutting the European bluestone pavers, most of the professionals flip the same over and then mark the underside for ensuring the cut.

Tip 3. Numbering the Stones

When you have set the given pattern for European bluestone paving installation, you can go forward with numbering the same to note down the entire layout. Ensure that you are keeping the pavers in proper order while stacking each row to the sides.

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Tip 4. Grading the Slope for Excavation

The outdoor areas –especially the patio of the house should be sloping away from the building for directing runoff from the main foundation. Therefore, it is recommended to ensure grading around 1/8 inches per foot. You are required to ensure that the professionals are digging deep enough to get rid of the topmost dark layer of the soil. For best results, you should go down as deep as 6 inches for accommodating the base.

Tip 5. Consider Excavating

With the help of a spade, you can go forward with removing the topsoil across the exterior outline until dark soil turns into its lighter shade.

Tip 6. Lay Down the Base

A patio serves to be sturdy according to the base. The area that you have excavated should be completely filled with the respective paver base.

Tip 7. Grading the Work

Pour around one inch of leveling sand over the given base. Then, with the help of a rake, you can go forward with smoothing the sand and making the field even.

Tip 8. Lay Down the Pavers

European bluestone pavers tend to be naturally bumpy. Therefore, it is crucial that you should ensure that the pavers are even throughout to avoid the creation of any trip hazard. You can go forward with checking the pavers with the help of a level. You can also tell if they are flushing with one another or graded properly.

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Tip 9. Keeping the Level

Ensure that you are setting a level across the pavers. You can even fill out the same or remove sand until the surfaces becomes even as well as graded properly. Fill up the gaps with the help of smaller stones or pavers.

Tip 10. Filling the Joints

You can finally commence with finishing the aesthetic appearance of the exterior area of your house by installing top-grade European bluestone pavers from the experts.


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