Why European Bluestone is better than Chinese Bluestone

Why European Bluestone is better than Chinese Bluestone

European bluestone is one of the most reliable types of bluestone paving stone. However, the standard bluestone with most stone paver retailers is to stock Chinese Bluestone. Whilst Chinese Bluestone may be adequate enough for a simple job, there are many benefits to choosing European Bluestone over Chinese. Some examples of these include: better overall durability, denser material, salt and weather resistance, better overall aesthetic consistency, and competitive pricing.


Here some of the many reasons why you should ask your stone retailer for European Bluestone instead:

paving with european bluestone pavers and tiles in Chinese basalt




European Bluestone is denser

The dense natural stone pavers have low porosity levels, which make them a perfect choice for your pool deck and other moisture-prone areas. Pavers get stained and discolored quickly when they are exposed to oil stains, dirt, and other weather elements. High density means the European bluestone pavers will require less sealing and they will not absorb moisture. Chinese Bluestone, on the other hand, is extremely porous and highly likely to discolor over time.

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European bluestone experiences rough weather and high temperature during formation, which makes them extremely durable. While Chinese pavers are also durable, they do not last as long as the European stones. You can install European pavers on your patios, alfresco, driveways, and other entertainment areas. You can rest easy knowing that the material will not lose its shine and beauty for several decades.




European Bluestone is low maintenance

European bluestone is one of the few natural stone pavers to have a very low porosity level. Not only are they available for a reasonable price, but these pavers require low maintenance. Just give them a good washing every twice a week and they will be as fresh as new. In addition to that, sealing is required periodically just so the pavers do not get stained and absorb moisture.

European Bluestone is more aesthetically consistent

In European bluestone, the color and texture of the material are almost consistent. This means each slab of this variant will offer visual consistency. Chinese bluestone, however, has patchy surfaces and varying tones that create an inconsistent pattern. If you choose European pavers you will get more consistency across all pavers. Not only does it make them a perfect fit for your landscape, but consistent design creates a wonderful pavement that could last for years if taken care of.

When it comes to the natural beauty of stone pavers, no material could beat the European variant of bluestone. From consistency to the attractive colors, everything about European bluestone looks wonderful. Its specialty is the small series of marks that look like the cat’s paws. That’s one of the qualities that make European bluestone quite unique.


European Bluestone pavers basalt tiles outdoor paving


European Bluestone is salt resistant

You could install European bluestone pavers around salt, mineral, and chlorinated water without having to worry about the surface of the material getting stained and discolored. No amount of water splashes and salt can damage the surface of the European tiles. The low porosity levels combined with the salt-resistant properties make European bluestone a perfect option for your pool decks, shower walls, and other areas that receive high moisture throughout the year.


European Bluestone is better for the environment

European stones are cut and treated with care. The manufacturers make sure that the process causes no damage to the environment. Their main objective is to ensure the quality of the stone and provide users with quality materials that can withstand the test of time.


European Bluestone ages like fine wine

European bluestone ages beautifully, meaning the surface of these pavers will look as good as new for several decades. In fact, they could last for generations if they get the required care and maintenance. European bluestone pavers never experience premature wear and tear, neither do they age quickly. Knowing that the pavers will look beautiful for ages will give you peace of mind.


European Bluestone is generally cheaper!

It may come as a surprise, but with all these appealing attributes, European Bluestone generally works out cheaper than Chinese Bluestone. Chinese bluestone is available with a very high price tag. You will probably end up paying a fortune just to pave your driveway or a small part of the patio with Chinese stones. European Bluestone pavers are not only attractive and durable, but they are reasonably priced. And, if you buy these pavers from reputable stone suppliers in Australia, such as Bluestone Pavers and Slate Discounts, then you could get them for a reasonable rate. That’s because these companies have no middlemen involved in the quarrying and import processes.

In the Australian stone market, you are sure to find plenty of natural stone pavers that feature unique properties and are available in an exciting range of hues and designs. However, nothing can beat the beauty and durability of European bluestone. Let’s check out the top reasons why European bluestone must be your ideal choice.


Where can I buy European Bluestone?

Stone & Slate Discounts order European bluestone pavers in bulk from Europe. And, as the European quarries are not associated with any restrictions, it is easier for the Australian stone markets to obtain pavers in large amounts from Europe.


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