What’s Better Around A Swimming Pool – Bluestone Or Concrete?

To decide whether bluestone or concrete is better around your pool, there’s a few things you need to consider…

A Melbourne pool featuring bluestone pool pavers with matching pool coping tiles.

1. HEAT TOLERANCE – Which one is cooler underfoot in Summer?

Extensive tests have been carried out over time in the hot and humid conditions of FNQ to get the definitive answer to this question.

With temperatures ranging between 30 degrees Celsius to 34 degrees Celsius with a  relative humidity range of between 75%-80% it was ALWAYS found that Bluestone Pavers were between 1-2 degrees COOLER than concrete pavers.

WINNER: ✔ Bluestone Pavers

2. DURABILITY – Which paver will stand the test of time?

Bluestone pavers (unlike concrete pavers) are not pigmented or man made. They are formed naturally from volcanic activity over thousands of years and as such will not fade or diminish in any form over time. Bluestone has always been popular due to its strength. As a result, the City of Melbourne has long term plans to eventually refurbish the entire CBD with bluestone pavers.

concrete pavers around a pool
An example of concrete paving cracks and damage around a pool.

Concrete pavers, on the other hand will fade over time to to the pigments used to colour them and tend to wear due to traffic over time. Moreover, concrete paving is more likely to crack and crumble with extended use and temperature fluctuations. Typically, concrete pavers are not the best recommended long term option for paving around your pool.

WINNER: ✔ Bluestone Pavers

3. NON SLIP PROPERTIES – Which paver will be safer around my swimming pool?

Bluestone pavers with a sawn finish have one of the HIGHEST non slip ratings that you can get for an outdoor paver, yet still feel comfortable underfoot. It is for this reason that Bluestone is frequently installed in commercial and domestic outdoor paving areas.

WINNER: ✔ Bluestone Pavers

4. AESTHETIC APPEAL – Which paver looks better?

Thousands of architects and designers in Australia request bluestone for its cool natural ashy tones. The spiraling catspaw is commonly flaunted as a decorative feature. As a result, it has become the chic quintessential look of Melbourne.

Nowadays, concrete pavers can even imitate the look of bluestone. However, there is nothing more luxurious than the natural authentic look and feel of natural stone paving.

WINNER: ✔ Bluestone Pavers


Bluestone pool tiles and pool pavers in Melbourne
The luxurious look at feel of a bluestone pool is unmatched.

5. PRICE – Which paver is more economical?

Concrete paving has a reputation for appearing to be a cheaper paving option. However, don’t be fooled as the quality can be lacking and you may end up having to replace the pavers (thereby becoming more expensive in the long run). Higher quality concrete paving can turn out to be similar or more expensive than bluestone.

Considering the above attributes, bluestone is a smart investment. Luckily, at Bluestone Warehouse, you can achieve the quality, durability and aesthetic appeal of bluestone at very competitive prices. Oftentimes, bluestone can be more economical.

If you’re after bluestone pool pavers that are affordable choose: European Bluestone.

WINNER: ✔ Bluestone Pavers (based on a long term investment)


The Final Verdict: 🏆 Bluestone Pavers prove to be a better choice than concrete pavers when used in external paving applications.

pool tiles in bluestone from Sydney
A bluestone pool in Sydney with matching drop down pool coping pavers.


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