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Lets compare Chinese, Australian and European Bluestone Pavers

Harkaway bluestone as pool pavers.

Hey there! Let’s talk about Chinese, Australian, and European Bluestone Pavers. They’re all natural stone pavers that you can use for outdoor construction and landscaping projects here in Melbourne. Here are some things you should know about each of them: Chinese Bluestone Pavers: They come from China and are usually a little cheaper than European […]

Tips to install European Bluestone Pavers

European Bluestone Pavers

Tips to install European Bluestone Pavers Bluestone pavers are known for their classic aesthetic and are available in all forms of sizes and shapes. Out of all the bluestone paving options available out there, European Bluestone Pavers are known to have a charm of their own. They are highly durable and non-slippery while providing the […]

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