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What is Cat’s Paw in Bluestone?

Cat's paw bluestone pavers tiles cheap paving tiling

In our Harkaway Bluestone Tiles & Pavers, about 20% of your order will have cat’s paw in it. However, for an additional cost, we can saw them out for you if you wish. Whether you choose to have it or not, bluestone make luxurious stone tiles and pavers. As with all natural stone, no two […]

Basalt Vertical Columns

Basalt Column formation

Columnar jointed volanics exist on many places on earth. Whilst this picture is not quite on the same scale, the most famous basalt flow in the world, is the Giant’s Causeway, on the Northern coast of Ireland. This picture, I saw whilst travelling across the countryside in Europe on my last holiday. The basalt formations […]

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